Acute Challenges in the Middle East

While the social, economic and political crises faced by the countries in the Middle East and the ongoing conflicts prevent the establishment of peace and stability in the region, problems that directly affect the states and peoples of the region and cause humanitarian crises have consequences at the global level, especially in the context of security. The resolution of the crises in the region and the establishment of an environment of trust require joint efforts at the international level. It is important to implement policies on the basis of cooperation that will save the Middle East from being an area of conflict and tension. The panel to be held in this context aims to evaluate the security problems in the Middle East, to discuss their effects on international security and to address the possibilities of cooperation in peacebuilding.
3 May 2023
14:00 - 15:30
Conrad Istanbul Bosphorus
ISF 2023


Prof. Ahmet Uysal

Director of Middle Eastern Studies Center

Eric Schell

Managing Partner, Cabinet Schell and Advocaxio Euro MENA, Executive Chairman, The Global Diwan

Assoc. Prof. Murat Tınas

Turkish National Police Academy

Dr. Ali Bakır

Qatar University's Ibn Khaldon Center for Humanities and Social Sciences, Senior Fellow, Atlantic Council

Jordan Morgan

Middle East Programme Director, Forward Thinking

Dr. Koert Debeuf

Distinguished Adjunct Professor, Middle East Studies at the Brussels School of Governance