Istanbul Security Forum
In today’s world, the concept of security and international actors’ perception of it have been subject to constant change as the international setting is shaped by unpredictability, hybrid challenges, and crises.

Facing challenges that disrupt peace and stability in different parts of the world, international actors are prompted to ponder on ways to navigate their future. Since the traditional understanding of the concept of security has been transformed, the need for building resilience against modern challenges targeting security have also arisen.

International actors, ranging from states to international organisations, have come to acknowledge that the concept of security has a multi-layered structure that includes phenomena such as climate and environmental problems, natural disasters, epidemics, economic crises, and cyber threats. Natural disasters and epidemics have marked the significance of joint actions and international cooperation in alleviating human suffering. The prolonged conflicts in recent years, including the Syrian Civil War and the War in Ukraine, also demonstrated the disastrous impact of instabilities on civilians. As civilians continue to withstand the worst of conflicts, which have global reverberations for international security and stability, there has been debate over the role of international organisations in addressing said conflicts.

In the light of the aforementioned issues, the Presidency’s Directorate of Communications of the Republic of Türkiye is hosting the Istanbul Security Forum (ISF), aiming to generate fruitful discussions over the concept of security with an innovative perspective.

The Forum, held for the first time in Istanbul, will bring together policy makers, academics, experts, journalists, and representatives of international organizations who will discuss the regional and global powers’ approaches to security policies. In panels and roundtables, the participants will exchange views on ways to ensure security, and on facing challenges that await collective response.


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