The War in Ukraine: The Return of Geopolitics and the Rebuilding of Regional Security

The War in Ukraine brought along political, economic, social and environmental problems as well as the regional security threats it caused, and necessitated the development of national, regional and international measures. While there were disruptions in the supply chain due to the war, the increase in energy and fuel prices, especially in food, forced countries to take measures in these matters. In addition to the loss of civilian lives and difficulties in accessing basic humanitarian needs in the geography where the war was taking place, the fact that the people affected by the war had to leave their places and migrate, especially to nearby geographies, brought up various humanitarian security problems at the regional level. In the panel to be held in this context, the geopolitical transformation caused by the War in Ukraine, possible risks and threats in the rebuilding of regional security and solutions to these will be discussed.
2 May 2023
11:00 - 12:30
Conrad Istanbul Bosphorus
Conrad Ballroom
ISF 2023


Prof. Gültekin Yıldız

National Defence University

Martin Sokolov

Associate Fellow, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences

Daria Isachenko

Researcher, German Institute for International and Security Affairs (SWP)

Amanda Paul

Senior Policy Analyst, European Policy Centre

Ryszard Czarnecki

Member of the European Parliament