Reputational Security in International Competition (ISFOneonOne)

In the changing world order, security perceptions are being reshaped with the policies that states follow to ensure their security and protect their interests. In this context, “reputational security” emerges as an important concept, which focuses on the role of states' image and reputation within the international public opinion in matters related to their security. In the session to be held, the concept of “reputational security” will be defined and the impact of the international reputation of states on their security will be evaluated. Furthermore, the necessity of the “reputational security” approach in the field of security, which draws attention to the weak points as well as the advantages of the states, as well as its relationship with soft power and public diplomacy activities will be discussed.
3 May 2023
09:30 - 11:00
Conrad Istanbul Bosphorus
ISF 2023


Assoc. Prof. Oğuz Güner

Head of the Department of Public Diplomacy of Presidency's Directorate of Communications of the Republic of Türkiye

Prof. Nicholas J. Cull

University of Southern California