Humanitarian Security in Natural Disasters and Crises (ISFRound)

People in disaster and crisis areas face difficulties in accessing basic services such as food, education, health and shelter, and also need urgent psychological support. Moreover, the chaotic environment caused by disasters and crises bring along various security concerns. In this context, human security, which focuses on issues such as creating social, economic and psychological conditions befitting human dignity, promoting human development and protecting human rights, emerges as one of the top priorities in geographies where disasters and crises occur. At the roundtable meeting to be held, measures to be developed on the basis of humanitarian security for the population affected by disasters and crises in a certain geography, policies to be implemented with a humanitarian approach during and after the disaster, and the development of an understanding of international cooperation and solidarity within this framework will be discussed.
3 May 2023
11:15 - 12:30
Conrad Istanbul Bosphorus
ISF 2023


Prof. Ece Baban

Fenerbahçe University

Dr. Aidar Kurmashev

Kazakhstan Institute for Strategic Studies

Farrukh Khakimov

Head of Departmen at Development Strategy Center, Uzbekistan

Dr. Recep Şehitoğlu

Gaziantep University