The Changing Nature of War and the Defence Industry

The developments in artificial intelligence and digital technologies, which allow collecting and processing data quickly, have also changed the nature of the tools and weapons used in defence and attacks. As a result of this, the security and intelligence units of the states have started to use new digital technologies in different ways in areas such as identifying the increasing security threats and taking countermeasures, predicting and combating terrorist attacks. As new and effective actors on the battlefield, these technologies have become significant for the defence industry goals and investments of these countries. In this context, it is expected to evaluate the role of artificial intelligence-based digital technologies and autonomous systems in the field of combat, to define the security threats related to them and to discuss the initiatives of the countries in the field.
3 May 2023
11:15 - 12:30
Conrad Istanbul Bosphorus
ISF 2023


Oliver McTernan

Director and co-Founder, Forward Thinking

Dr. Maria Saifuddin Effendi

National Defence University, Pakistan

Kevin Klyman

Lead Technology Researcher, Belfer Center of Harvard’s Kennedy School

Prof. Altan Çakır

İstanbul Technical University